Personalised Pet Memorial Plaques

Pet Photo memorials, handcrafted & designed by PetAshes, allow you to celebrate the life of your pet and feel closer to them. Each of these handmade photo memorials contain a a small amount of cremation ash in the heart shape design on the back and serve as a visual and tactile reminder of your pet.

Each item is created through a multi-stage casting process where your photo is digitally printed in the highest resolution before being encapsulated between two sheets of optically clear acrylic. The finished frame contains your photo and the ashes are cast into the heart shape where they can be touched for a tactile memento.

Whether it is an image of your pet with the family, on their favourite walk or even just lying on a sofa, our Pet Photo Memorials keep the memory of your pet alive.

Each of our pet ash photo memorials and are handcrafted by our experienced and dedicated teams and are unique to each pet. We use only small amounts of ash in each item, allowing our teams to produce multiple pieces that can be shared with family and friends in order to remember the positive times and experiences that your pet has brought to others.

View our range of handcrafted works below. For more information, request a sample pack or contact us.

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