Receiving The Ashes

Once your pet’s ashes are received, our administration team will complete the necessary paperwork to begin the process of your order. The manufacture of each Pet Ashes memorial will be undertaken by our expert team to ensure the very highest quality of workmanship and a prompt delivery of the finished keepsake. 

Receiving a parcel
preparing the mix

Preparing The Mix

The second stage in the creation of your Pet Ashes memorial is to add a small amount of the ashes into the acrylic resin. The acrylic resin is a combination of the polymer (powder) and monomer (liquid) blended together in a specific ratio to ensure a crystal clear memorial when cast.

Filling The Mold

Once the ashes and acrylic resin are gently mixed and the required viscosity is achieved, the resin is then poured into the selected mold. Throughout these stages strict protocols are in place to stop any cross contamination of ashes and access to the customer’s original requirements.

filling the mold
casting your frame


Around 3pm everyday all our customers’ frames are then loaded into one of our autoclaves for overnight casting – the next day our loading team will depressurise the vessel and unload the blank frame castings for inspection.

Machining Your Frame

Once the casting has cooled the cast keepsake will be taken to the machine shop, where the profile of the keepsake machined to a high tolerance.

Machining your frame
handpolishing the frame

Hand Polishing your Memorial

The penultimate step in the creation of your Pet Ashes keepsake is the hand polishing in our finishing department. Careful polishing of each piece ensures that a wonderful rich shine is created on the memorial to complete the production process.


Each item by PetAshes is hand packaged in purposely designed packing to ensure a safe transit to each customer. We have designed our packaging to protect the important items inside and they are designed to fit through a letter box to ensure that they are not left in an unsecure area not by carriers. We use recorded delivery to track the items and inform each customer as to their delivery date.

packaging of an order