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Quite simply, our pets are members of our families and so our sense of loss when we have to say goodbye to them is very real. Our pets provide us with unconditional love and affection as well as an unerring presence in our homes, be it meeting us at the front door when we arrive home, curling up on our laps, sitting on our shoulders or calling to us from across a paddock.

At PetAshes, we truly understand the devastation that surrounds the loss of a loved one and we hope to offer you the chance to preserve your pet’s memory in a tangible and beautiful keepsake. Treating them with the utmost care and respect, we can place your pet’s ashes into a stunning resin creation that you can feel, see and if you wish, talk to. Many of our families take huge comfort from knowing their pet is still with them in the family home as well as their final resting place.

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Cherishing your pet forever

We create a tactile memento that you can hold in your hands or a photo frame in a variety of shapes, in which you can store your most treasured image of your pet. We use resin with a wide range of colours from midnight black, which resembles a stunning starlit sky, or a snow white, like a beautiful piece of stone flecked with crystals, and many rich colours in between. We can also use just some of your pet’s ashes, allowing you keep them close to you while still scattering them at their favourite place.

The idea for PetAshes came from the loss of a beloved family dog and a desire to keep part of them with us forever. We wanted something different from the usual wooden caskets following cremation – something beautiful that we could hold in our hands – and so the idea for our resin mementos and photo frames were born. We can work with your vet and pet crematorium to support you and your family and make things easier during the hugely difficult time as we hope to give you a wonderful memorial for your beloved pet.

Part of leading plastic engineering firm NCA Ltd, our team are skilled engineers who have produced work for a range of sectors including the oil & gas, pharmaceutical and food industries. Our experience and expertise allow our team to produce beautiful memorial items of the very highest quality.