Pet Positive New Year Resolutions

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2021 is nearly here and with it the chance to implement new positive behaviours. Indeed New Year’s resolutions are said to date back over 4,000 years to ancient Babylon where the Babylonians are thought to be the first recorded instance of celebrating the new year.  Fast forward to 2021 and the tradition still continues as many seek a positive change for the year and to set goals and start anew. Whilst many of us set goals such as losing weight, stopping smoking or eating more healthily it can be easy to overlook our pets. In today’s blog PetAshes offer our pet positive New Year’s resolutions that help to improve the lives of our cats and dogs. 

Measure their food

In the UK alone, it’s estimated that 40% of dogs and 53% of cats are overweight or obese, which is only set to get worse. Pet obesity is on the rise in the UK and 81% of vets and nurses report seeing an increase in the number of overweight animals. Not only can this decrease their lifespan but it can also lead to multiple health issues. Measuring your pet’s food accurately is the first step to take to prevent overfeeding. Make sure you read the instructions on your pet food carefully and accurately measure your pet’s daily allowance.

Get more exercise

The benefits of exercise for both humans and our furry friends is well-documented. Both in terms of health and weight control, exercise is an important part of a balanced and healthy life-style. For dogs, this can be ensuring that they are regularly walked and, where possible, allowed to run off the lead at parks. For cats, however stubborn they can be, this may be playing with them indoors and helping them to be active. 

Try something new

The New Year is a fantastic time to try and new activity so why not, where possible, try and incorporate your dog too. From hiking to biking to jogging, dogs are adaptable and can be incorporated into new outdoor activities which can both help to get more exercise and to  bond with your pet. 

Play more!

While taking your cat hiking or on a bike ride isn’t the most practical approach to helping them to exercise, playing more certainly may well be. Chasing, hunting and stalking are natural instincts that cats have and buying toys (or even using old laces!) can be a way not only to play with them but to keep them active. Likewise, with dogs playing fetch, tug of war or any other game can be fun for both you and them.

Schedule the vet for a check-up

Regular visits to the vet can help to keep your pet healthy and why not start the year with a check-up at the vet who can identify any issues and make sure your pet is fit and healthy.


Not only does grooming your pet remove excess fur from the coat and so reduce the amount you find on your clothes and furniture, it also helps to distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat shiny and healthy. But that’s not all, many pets love to be groomed and it’s a bonding activity that demonstrates to your pet how much you love them by taking care of them in a very soothing manner. 

At PetAshes, we are here to support and assist you through the difficult times following the loss of your pet. Our pet ash keepsakes, pet ash photoframes, pet ash ornaments and pet ash candles help you to move through your grief and cherish your pet. For more information, contact us via hello@petashes.co.uk or call 01928 790209.

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