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At PetAshes we take pride in being able to assist our clients in the difficult times following the loss of a pet. Indeed, it is often common to feel very strong feelings of grief and loss following the death of a pet and our pet ash keepsakes are designed to remember your pet and move through this uncomfortable time. What makes our items so special is the handcrafted nature of them. From our photo frames for pet ashes to our pet ash ornaments, each item is meticulously designed and handmade by our team. In today’s blog we share a word from CEO and founder Christopher Marmion about the inspiration behind our items and how PetAshes came to be. 

The idea for PetAshes is something that I have considered for a long time. Like many at PetAshes, I have always owned dogs throughout my life. Inevitably, our dogs would not be with ourselves and both my wife (who is a vet) and I have always wanted to be able to remember our pets and the special times that we spent together. We have always kept the ashes of our pets and it has been difficult to decide what to do with them. We often felt guilty about storing the ashes and even more guilty when we would dispose of them. The idea for PetAshes came about as I wanted to be able to both scatter some of the remains of my pets and remember them. 

The inspiration for the design has come from many sources. Predominantly, the shapes and design in our photo frame range not only serve a very important purpose but also look good too. For myself and our design team, it was about creating a contemporary selection of ash photo frames that would appeal to people and also serve as their important purpose of being a remembrance item. Out of all of the collections we have, for me, the most special ones are the pet ash ornaments. The resting dog and sleeping cat items were designed by my mother who is an artist and I think that they look very calming and very contemporary. We are proud of all of the items that we produce and the response has been very kind from the public who see the positives in what we do.

As we are part of NCA Limited, a plastic fabrication and machining company based in the North West, our teams are well-versed and experienced in the casting and manufacturer of our items. We take pride in the quality of what we produce and each item is carefully cast by hand resulting in an exceptionally designed piece and one of the vyer highest quality. Within each of our items we are extremely careful and respectful throughout the process as we ourselves can relate to their importance. Designing and producing the pieces was a challenge that we rose to meet and our team have, once again, proven themselves both extremely professional and adept in manufacturing our items. 

I would like to thank all who have engaged with us on social media and purchased our items and we hope that they can bring comfort to you. For more information and to request a sample pack, our teams can be reached via hello@petashes.co.uk or on 01928 790209. 

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