What to do with your cats ashes

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what to do with my cats ashes

Welcome back to the Pet Ashes blog where we offer insights into our business and share the views of our dedicated teams. Often, when a client approaches they are unsure as to what to do with their pet’s ashes.

The question usually arrives much earlier and even before a conversation with ourselves has started. What should I do with my cat’s ashes? You may wonder. Well, in today’s blog we offer our insights on how to celebrate and cherish your cat and what to do with your cat’s ashes.

Losing a pet is never easy and the grieving process that follows can seem endless. Pets, without doubt, are part of the family. Their loss and its impact on our life can be very difficult and overwhelming. Through our pets we take on life’s challenges, we understand ourselves more and experience the big and small moments that make us. Thinking of the cherished memories and experiences shared with your pet can be extremely comforting to many. 

As such, finding an appropriate and thoughtful way to remember your pet can be difficult. Scattering the ashes poses the fear of parting with your pet and leaving them in a cupboard or stored away can lead to feelings of guilt. At Pet Ashes we understand how difficult it can be to choose what to do with your cat’s ashes, we have put together a few ideas that allow you to celebrate your time spent with your cat whilst honouring their memory.

Scattering a small amount of ashes

Scattering the ashes of your cat is one of the most common ways to treasure their memory and offers solace to many. Areas that you associate with your cat, such as a favourite spot in the garden, can help you to come to terms with the loss. We would recommend scattering a small amount of ashes so as to not create feelings of loss as it can be an intense experience. What’s more, keeping some of the ashes allows you, in the future if you wish, to use the ashes for a memorial. 

Keeping the ashes

Keeping the ashes is a positive way of deciding what to do with them. By keeping the ashes and starting to think about what you want to do, you can feel positive in your new commitment to truly honour and remember your pet. Our bespoke items can assist you to remember and celebrate the life of your pet.  Creating a pet ash keepsakes are an increasingly popular way to remember your pet and give you the best of both worlds as we use a small amount of ash in each item that allows you to both keep the ashes for the future and scatter them if you wish to. 

Pet ashes photo frames 

Our handcrafted photo frames use a special techniques developed by our team to encapsulate the ashes inside the frame allowing you to place a special photo inside. Available in a range of shapes, for cat owners we suggest the delicate round heart memorial or  the classic heart shaped ash photo urn

Pet Ash Memorial Plaques

Personalised memorial plaques can be used in a similar way to our photo frames. The big difference is that these can be used outside. For example, customers of ourselves have placed these items underneath trees and in their gardens as a way to remember their cat. Each of the photo memorial plaques feature a photo inside an acrylic block and a tactile, beautiful heart in a range of colours. 

Pet Cremation Ornaments

Our pet cremation ornaments are expertly shaped and for those looking for ideas on what to do with their cat ashes, our sleeping cat cremation memorial, is certainly an idea to consider. Much like our other memorial items, the resting cat ornament features ashes mixed into the acrylic which is then hand cast into the figure. 

Pet Ashes Candle Holders

Pet ash candle urns are a unique way to celebrate your pet. Much like our other items, the ashes are cast into the candle holder and the contemporary designs make for a beautiful way to remember your pet as well as offer a unique way to do so.

For more information on any of the items featured or to request a sample pack, contact our team via hello@petashes.co.uk or on 01928 790209

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