How To Cope When Losing a Pet

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How to cope when losing a pet

Losing a pet is a deeply painful and difficult period where feelings of grief and sadness can be often overwhelming.  Pet owners across the world will agree that we all share an intense love and bond with our animal companions. For ourselves, a pet is not “just a dog” or “just a cat,” but rather a beloved member of our family, bringing us companionship, fun, and joy to our lives. What’s more, the bond and memories created with our beloved pet means that when a cherished pet dies, it’s normal to feel devastated by grief and loss.

The pain of loss can often produce many types of painful and difficult emotions. Non pet owners may fully not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet, but you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend.

It is true that we all respond to loss differently, the level of grief you experience will often depend on factors such as your age and personality, the age of your pet and the circumstances of their death.

The grieving process after the loss of a pet

Grieving is a highly individual experience. Within grieving there are various stages that are part of the process: denial, anger, guilt, depression, and eventually acceptance and resolution. Some may find that their grief comes in cycles whereas others may experience is as high and lows. Regardless of how you experience grief at the loss of your pet, remember that the process is natural and it can happen gradually. It is important to remember that there is no “normal” timetable for grieving. Some people start to feel better in weeks or months. For others, the grieving process is measured in years. Whatever your grief experience, it’s important to be patient with yourself and allow the process to naturally unfold.

Feeling sad, shocked, or lonely is a normal reaction to the loss of a beloved pet. Exhibiting these feelings doesn’t mean you are weak or your feelings are somehow misplaced. It just means that you’re mourning the loss of an animal you loved, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed.

It is important to feel these difficult emotions and not ignore your pain and preventing it from surfacing will only make it harder and more unhealthy in the long run. For real healing, it is necessary to face your grief and actively deal with it. By expressing your grief, you’ll likely need less time to heal than if you withhold or “bottle up” your feelings. 

Coping with the grief of pet loss

The highly individual process means that your grief is your own and no one can tell you to “move on” or “get over it”. It is important to allow yourself to feel however and whatever you are going through without embarrassment or judgment. It’s okay to be angry, to cry or not to cry. It’s also okay to laugh, to find moments of joy, and to let go when you’re ready.

Sharing your grief with those who have experienced the loss of a pet can be a comforting and healing process. Online message boards, pet loss support lines and groups all allow you to connect and share your experiences.

Create a legacy. Preparing a memorial, planting a tree in memory of your pet, compiling a photo album or scrapbook, or otherwise sharing the memories you enjoyed with your pet, can create a legacy to celebrate the life of your animal companion. Pet Ashes assist in the grieving process through our pet cremation jewellery, expertly designed to help you cherish and celebrate the life you shared with your pet. 

Remember, throughout all of the grieving process it is important to look after yourself. The pain and stress of losing a pet can quickly affect your energy and emotional reserves. Try to spend time face to face with people who care about you, eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly to release endorphins and help boost your mood.

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