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Pet Cremation Memorials

At PetAshes we help those who have lost a beloved pet to treasure their memory through a range of beautiful handmade photo frames and bespoke keepsakes. We understand how difficult losing a pet can be and offer to those who are suffering the loss of their pet our bespoke handcrafted designs that encapsulate a small amount of cremation ashes within the keepsake. Our lovingly crafted pieces allow you to cherish your memories and time together and to keep your pet close to you.

Pet Memorial Ashes, Made Just for You

Each of our expertly crafted items is a celebration of the time you shared with your pet. From elegant photo frames to beautiful remembrance keepsakes, our craftsmen create wonderful items that help you to remember and celebrate your pet.

While it may appear that hope has gone, that the pain of losing your pet will never end, our pet cremation items can help to keep the love and joy in your heart, restoring hope through the cherished and happy memories that you have shared with your pet.

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Beautiful Craftsmanship

Beautifully designed and produced, all of our cremation memorial items are crafted in the United Kingdom using the very best materials using both traditional and modern craftsmanship techniques.

Unique momentos

At Pet Ashes we understand that it can be hard to decide what to do with the ashes of your pet. Scattering all of the ashes can lead to a feeling of loss and guilt and, likewise, keeping the ashes stored may compound the feelings of loss or separation that you have. That is why each of our memorial photo frames and keepsakes use only a small amount of ash, less than a teaspoon, allowing you to choose to scatter the remaining ash in a place you hold dear whilst keeping the memory and presence of your pet with you.

Using small amounts of ash also allow our teams to produce multiple frames that can be shared with family and friends in order to remember the positive times and experiences that your pet has brought to others.

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